Our Management Systems offer two distinct separate "Panes of Glass" - The Virtual Network Operations Centre and the Cloud Management System.

Virtual Operations Centre

Our Virtual Network Operations Centre is Cloud based and can be accessed from anywhere by anybody with permission to do so. We can also provide users with view-only rights.

This is a perfect solution in times like COVID-19, where users cannot access physical locations, but are able to have full visibility and control from home or anywhere else.

The system not only monitors all sites or locations, but every connection to a specific site i.e. all Broadband links. In addition to Firewall/SD-WAN connectivity monitoring, we can also monitor everything on site i.e. switches, servers, wireless APs etc.

It offers monitoring for outages and performance issues and is built for cloud-scale. infrastructure and provide in-depth visibility into key performance indicators. It can monitor your entire infrastructure and provide in-depth visibility into key performance indicators.

It offers real-time drill-down service and process monitoring (incident route cause analysis as as well as full statistics and SLA reporting).

Apps are available for both Android and Apple devices, so you are always updated on the go.

Cloud Management System

Our Cloud Management is available as a Service, or On Premise.

It offers fast upgrades, clear real-time vision of devices, the ability to grant access to a limited set of devices (Multi-tenant) automated backup, central management, device mapping, shared communication for team work.

It also offers automated upgrades, central RRD graphing, GeoLocation of devices, automated config backup, instant status, complete monitoring of devices including: CPU, Memory, Mbuf, states, Disk, Temperature (when available) interface mapping for rapid understanding of interface configuration.

Gain direct access to all your devices with "Direct View"
Centrally manage and dispatch your aliases on all your devices
Be able to deploy your monitoring tool in-house
No connection requested with any third party infrastructure*
Detailed live stats for all your devices
Unified view of your firewall’s devices on a map**
Automate config backup of all your MountainBox SD-WAN Firewall appliances
Get a warning when an update is available
Upgrade all your device’s in a single click
Gain direct access to all the RRD graphs
Get a full featured XML comparison of your devices configurations (multi-site comparison)
Per device notes for each of your devices in order to ease your admin work when working in a team
Fine grained access to the monitoring tool (including read-only)
Free and easy upgrade for any upcoming feature available

* for access to upgrades you will need to access our apt repository

** for device mapping you will need access to the Google Map infrastructure

Powerful remote management tools provide network-wide visibility and control, and enable administration without the need for on-site networking expertise.